Consultations & Questionnaires

  • Preliminary Consultation – Sharvan Graphics provides all of its potential clients with a Free Initial Consultation.  This includes a 1 hour face to face, online or phone consultation to determine the scope of the project and overall theme.
  • Preliminary Questionnaire – After the Initial Consultation a Preliminary Questionnaire may be submitted to the client in order to further refine aspects of the desired work before an estimate will be developed.
  • Periodic Consultations – Ongoing Sharvan Graphics Monthly Software and Maintenance Customers are entitled to a Free Monthly Consultation if requested to discuss future projects, revisions to previous work and ensure continued customer satisfaction.

Estimates & Down Payment

  • Estimate – After the Initial Consultation and the return of the Preliminary Questionnaire an estimate for the work to be undertaken along with a proposed timeline and a Client Supplied Content list will be provided to the client with 7 days.  This estimate will be valid for 30 days.
  • Acceptance – Upon acceptance of the estimate, the client can authorize the work to be done by submitting a down payment of 50% of the overall estimate. At this time, the Development Timeline and Client Supplied Content list will be finalized and sent to the client within 7 days.
  • Subsequent work requests will generate an Estimate submitted by Sharvan Graphics to client.  The 50% Deposit is waived, but the client must accept the estimate for work to begin.
  • No work will be carried out until an authorization has been given.

Client Supplied Content

  • Copyright – The Client is responsible for ensuring that all copyright and privacy laws are respected when submitting materials for inclusion in their project.
  • Graphics & Photographs
    • Suitability – The Client Supplied Content List will specify suitable formats and resolutions for graphics and photographs submitted for inclusion in their project.  Submissions which do not meet these guidelines will either be replaced at the Clients expense or must be resubmitted by the client.
    • Purchased Graphics – Graphics or Photographs that cannot be supplied by the Client will be created or purchased by Sharvan Graphics, then billed to the Client.
  • Copy
    • Suitability – The Client Supplied Content List will specify the subject, character/word length (if applicable) of the copy needed for the project, but does not assume responsibility for grammatical, contextual or punctual errors contained within the submitted texts, unless copy editing services are requested and authorized by the Client.
    • Copy Editing – Sharvan Graphics can provide copy editing for grammatical, contectual or punctual errors.  If this service is authorized by the client all submitted works will be edited and presented to the client for final approval before integration into the final project.


  • All projects include 3 drafts:
    • Initial Draft – Indicates general design, layout and organization.
    • Working – Contains the Client Supplied Content and all design, layout and navigational elements along with account integrations.
    • Finished – Provides the client with a final opportunity to fine tune the content before the implementation.
  • Billable Hours – All work (draft or final) carried out at the client’s request constitutes billable hours at the hourly rate of $40 per hour.
  • Variations to Estimates
    • Work – Any design, content or functional alterations requested by the Client that are not included in the original estimate will be charged at the hourly rate.  Changes of design, style, type or layout beyond 3 drafts will charged at the hourly rate.
    • Time – If for any reason the Client Supplied Content is not provided to Sharvan Graphics according to the agreed upon timeline, the Timeline will be adjusted and the Client notified of said adjustment. If a delay in submission of Client Supplied Client causes a delay in the implementation of the project Sharvan Graphics will not be liable for any loss to the Client arising from it.


  • Acceptance – It is the Client’s responsibility to check supplied work for errors and upon approval of the content to signify authorization via email.  Sharvan Graphics does not assume responsibility or incur liability for errors of style, spelling, legibility or content from Client Supplied Materials.
  • Payment – Upon acceptance and authorization for implementation, the balance of the Estimate shall become due and payable within 14 days of completion.
  • Late payment – Invoices not paid within 14 days will incur a 1.5% late fee.

Overall Ownership & Copyright

  • The Client assures Sharvan Graphics that their supplied content is owned soley by them.
  • Copyright of all graphics, programming and other work provided by Sharvan Graphics remains with Sharvan Graphics until payment is received in full.
  • Upon payment in full by the client of all sums due, the designer will asign such copyright and intellectual property to the client and if needed produce a document to prove this.
  • The client shall not be entitled to pledge or promise the work of Sharvan Graphics to a third party before it is completed and payment is made in full.


  • Suspension of Work – Should work be suspended or delayed by the client for longer than 30 days Sharvan Graphics shall be entitled to payment for work already carried out, materials specially ordered and any other additional costs.
  • Termination of Work – If the client wishes to terminate a project prior to completion for reasons other than unsuitable work the client will be charged for work already carried out.
  • These terms may not be altered or waived unless in writing and authorized by Sharvan Graphics.
  • These terms and conditions together with any estimate or invoice issued by Sharvan Graphics shall constitute the entire contract between Sharvan Graphics and the Client.